Excited to Paint Ducklings

As I pursue, with enthusiasm, my desire to paint a select group of animals I turn my attention to the cute little duckling. I did a pencil sketch first to give myself an outline of what I was going to paint.


Baby Chicks2___________________________________________________________________________

The fun began as I filled the paper with luscious & juicy watercolor pigments. This is one of my studies. It’s extremely soft and the focus is on their dark eyes.


Baby Chicks1 ____________________________________________________________________________

I am trying to acquire the skills needed to allow me to paint these animals loose & colorful.


Baby Chick1_____________________________________________________________________

Baby Chick2________________________________________________________________________

I do not want to paint a photographic image of a duckling. Instead I want to give the viewer the energy & spirit of the animal in a unique way.


Here I continue, with determination, my desire to paint these ducklings.


EYES duck #3 5-2013_____________________________________________________________________

EYES duck #2 5-2013__________________________________________________________________________

EYES duck#5 5-2013_________________________________________________________________________

EYES duck #6 5-2013________________________________________________________________________

Learning + Practicing = Improving

Pick a subject you would love to paint

Discipline yourself to play with your paints daily even if it’s only for a limited amount of time.

You will see how fast you hone, polish & sharpen your skills






~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “Excited to Paint Ducklings”

  1. Wow – your work is phenomenal, am so impressed Lorraine!
    I have always had an interest in painting. Past few weeks have been volunteering/painting stage sets for community theatre. Looking to take some basic paintin classes…do you come to MN???

  2. Thanks for the kind words. My computer was being repaired last week, so I’m catching up on my correspondences and I was so happy to see this from you. Retirement will allow you to stretch out your creative wings and soon you’ll be flying..enjoy the trip & take a few watercolor workshops!

  3. I love your work. It’s fresh and spontaneous, fun and yet soulful. I love your color choices too. Really enjoying your updates. Thank you.

  4. It is a blast to express myself with color, glad you enjoyed this, Lorraine

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