Many artists struggle when starting a new painting. We question what subject do we want to paint. How to start the painting. What colors should we choose to use. There are many more questions such as how large or small should the painting be. The list goes on & on.

I keep folders filled with photos I’ve taken of various subjects including sunrises, flowers, shadows, clouds, animals and anything that interests me. I paint exclusively from my own photos or I will paint what I see outside.

I will Photoshop my photos using an assortment of filters to help guide me & allow me to better ‘see’ or understand the drawing needed for the image I desire to paint.

This is my starting point to help familiarize myself with the subject I want to paint.

____________________________________________________________GARDEN statue1


GARDEN statue2


Images have been changed using Photoshop.


GARDEN statue3


I draw using ink pens of various sizes. This lets me establish my values.


GARDEN statue4


I negative paint a wet in wet wash creating the background behind & around my flowers & statue.


GARDEN statue5


 I finally add some color to the flowers and using a violet gray I add definition to the figure of the girl. This is not a completed painting but a small rendering of the painting I’d like to do. I can see the areas I would change or where I’d like to add some extreme darks. I will do several studies of this photo and then take out a full sheet of watercolor paper and enjoy making my brush & pigment dance with vibrant colors across the surface of the paper.

I like the preliminary trials because they give me the freedom to play & explore the joy of painting with watercolor.


Paint with Me




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 18, 2013.


  1. I would love to try watercolor painting, but I absolutely do not know how to draw! Do you have any suggestions just to get me started, please?

    I appreciate any help you can give me! Thank you very much!
    Best Regards,

  2. I started watercolor painting with no prior knowledge of drawing. I survived, although the journey might have been easier having a better understanding of drawing.
    With that said, focus on learning how to use watercolor.
    Learn how different paper feels as your paining
    Learn how the ratio of water to pigment gives you an assortment of values.
    Learn your edges, hard & soft.
    Learn how to use different brushes to make an assortment of marks on your paper.
    As you continue to practice & understand the use of watercolor you will learn that trees can be created by using color & shapes, NOT perfect drawings.
    I have several past post about my lack of drawing & how I learned to overcome that challenge, check them out.
    I hope this helps & please stay in touch to let me know how you are doing.
    Best of Luck

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