Winter Watercolor

Sometimes I feel the need to paint & play mindlessly so today I choose a soft, snowy, winter landscape as my subject. I did not use a reference picture. I used my imagination and ideas from winter paintings I’ve done in the past. I laid down a cool violet-blue wash grading it to white at the bottom of the paper. This saves the white of the paper and helps create the snow-covered ground. I used masking fluid to save the white shape of the moon. I very rarely use any masking product but I wanted to have the freedom to work with a very wet wash and didn’t want to be restricted by the small white moon.


Silent Winter1


When dry, I paint the distant mountains keeping them light in value & cool in color. Using a darker value I added the distant fir trees. Next I add the foreground trees. Winter trees are fun to paint because without their leaves you can show off the trunk, branch and twig shapes.


Silent Winter2


Working a very light wash over the top of the trees gives the illusion of the tiniest or finest branches that would barely be seen individually but together they are seen as a slightly darker mass at the tippy top of the winter tree. Now that I’m working in the foreground of the landscape I can add some warmth to my color palette. The contour of the road is created by painting along the curve and blending the paint up to form the snow bank. This is something I had fun practicing by painting lots of holiday cards


Silent Winter3


The most important finishing touch is establishing the shadows. This will pull the entire painting together and give it viability. Shadows give form & curve to the ground. Remember, colors live within those shadows, they are not just gray blobs 

Using Chinese White & water mix to the consistency of heavy cream Splatter paint drops into the painting by tapping a loaded brush against a dry brush handle. First practice this using a piece of scrap paper Little snow flakes will appear on your winter painting.


Have Fun!


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 3, 2014.

5 Responses to “Winter Watercolor”

  1. Awesome I love this!!

  2. it looks a very serene night. 🙂

  3. Thanks, I’m glad you got that feeling from this painting.


  5. Well done, Lorraine! It looks like something you would see up near Middletown or here with all the snow we had this year. lol It has such a nice peaceful feel to it.

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