Most of us find shopping for spring clothes, shoes or accessories helps to breaks us out of the winter blues. I look forward to the major art supply companies sending out their spring discount flyer. It’s the time of year I order my much needed supplies of paper, brushes & paint. It is always exciting when I purchase a few new colors to add to my palette.


New Paint Colors6_________________________________________________________

This set by M Graham titled “Jewel Tone” featured several colors I use often and a few that were new to me. Hansa Yellow & Cobalt Violet are a constant on my palette. I’ve used M Graham watercolor pigments before & I’m very pleased with how good they are. I put a pinch of each color on my palette and play with them to see how they mingle, blend and granulate. Or how well they play with others.


New Paint Colors5____________________________________________________________

Daniel Smith Watercolors are one of my favorite paints, (along with Holbein). I love all the quinacridone colors and when I saw they now offered a ‘Q Deep Gold’ I had to try it being I adore Q Gold & Q Burnt Orange. As you can see on the test strip, the Deep gold falls in right between the Gold & Burnt Orange pigments. The Piemontite Genuine gave an amazing granulated effect which will work well in many of my paintings.


New Paint Colors4________________________________________________________________

New Paint Colors3Here are 2 samples of these new colors

New Paint Colors2


A great affordable way to try new colors is to see what Daniel Smith is offering in their “Triads”. You can find them on their web site under -Daniel Smith Watercolor – Triad Sets. This is a chance to experiment with gorgeous color mixes and some limited editions colors too. Incredible value each set is only $18.95 and free shipping.


Let the new colors on your palette wake up the artist in you. Spend more time in your studio being creative. Just like the sound of birds singing lets us know that spring is here, playing with colors awakens the joy within us and lets us know that the world will be filling with colorful flowers and brilliant greens.


Paint with Me




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on April 8, 2014.


  1. Love seeing you testing some new colors! They look great, especially that new dark quoin. Sorry I missed the show last weekend! I hope it went well!!

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