Photos Reference for Watercolor Painting

Lately I have become enamored with the faces & shapes of certain animals.  These photo, taken at a friend’s home in Vermont are an example of the images I find captivating and I have the desire to paint. Here I share with you the photos I use as reference for my paintings.


LongHorn Cattle4

This is the cropped photo and below is the image changed into a photo of black & white shapes.

LongHorn Cattle4 tornedges


I can clearly see the shapes I want to paint and eliminate the unnecessary & distracting details in the picture.


LongHorn Cattle2

LongHorn Cattle2 cutout

LongHorn Cattle2 tornedges

I used 2 different filters on the above picture giving me a unique image of the cattle to paint.

This allows me to focus on my choice of colors & values as I’m creating my new series of paintings.


I admire artists who can paint the most realistic depiction of an animal. I prefer to design and give birth to a painting that stimulates the viewer and draws them into an undefined likeness of the animal I am painting.


Paint with Me





When I use these photos as reference dor my new


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 9, 2014.

3 Responses to “Photos Reference for Watercolor Painting”

  1. I love this Lorraine! I wonder what program or app you used to get the color-impression image. Awesome.

  2. Thanks Debbie, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. They have a great assortment of filters to play with.

  3. Awesome Thank you Lorraine, this is so fun!!

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