A Watercolor Painting Torn in Two

Sometimes I will spend many glorious hours working or better yet playing on one particular watercolor painting. As I approach the end of this painting I realize that I am not pleased with the final results. Continuing to work doesn’t afford me much help because I keep coming back to the same results. I am just not happy with the painting.

I have no problem spending the time on a painting and not liking the finished piece. After hours of painting whether, the results are good or bad, it still helps me become a better artist so I am happy to have done the work. I sometimes turn over the paper and use the blank side to practice or prepare for future paintings.This time I took out several different size mats and began looking at the painting in various smaller sizes.


This is the finished painting 30″ x 22″ Although it has beautiful shapes, edges & colors I felt that it became too busy and had no focal point or a quiet place that the viewer could rest their eyes on.

Blast of Colors 1


I laid the mats on top of the painting and soon discovered that the image worked as two independent paintings. Each half looked good to me when they stood alone. Together they overwhelmed the viewer. Separated they felt full of energy and vitality.


Blast of Colors #1















Blast of Colors #2









 I carefully folded the paper in half, creased it & gently tore the it into two individual paintings. Now I have a diptych or one painting continued on two separate pieces of paper.

Sometimes you just have to take that giant leap of faith. Whether its choosing a new color to add to a painting, laying a wash over an entire painting, washing out an area of your painting or tearing a completed painting in half it is the bold steps you take as an artist that allow you to become a MUCH greater artist in the end.


Paint with Me













~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 28, 2014.

4 Responses to “A Watercolor Painting Torn in Two”

  1. Always think about the golden ratio, that helps you to make a good composition. I like your paintings, colors

  2. Thanks, sometimes we get so excited by the joy of painting that we loose sight of the composition. Great comment.

  3. Hello my friend! beautiful work as always , yo have grown sooooo much

  4. Thanks…I have been blessed to have had the guidance of great artists like YOU! Looking forward to painting with you next summer in NY. Love & Hugs Lorraine

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