Lian Quan Zhen Watercolor Workshop 8-6-2014 Day 2

Day 2 of Lian Quan Zhen’s workshop was filled with lots of jaw dropping moments as he continued his sunflower painting that we prepared in yesterday’s class. This is the sketch with the masking completely dried and ready to paint.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 a(Lian’s Drawing)


The entire painting is achieved using only 3 colors…Red, Yellow & Blue. The face of the flowers was our starting point because it is the focal point of the painting. The 3 colors were dropped onto the paper and using a brush or our fingers the paint was spread over the flower.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 b (Lian’s Painting)


Here you can see Lian at work continuing to add the pigments. By carefully working each section of the paper he can control the values & shapes within the painting.


 Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 c


The first wash of colors is complete. The mask has not been removed.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 d           (Lian’s Painting)


 Details have been adding to create the seeds of the flower. Sections of the mask have been removed & the petals are painted. Using negative painting the stems & leaves are defined.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 e(Lian’s Painting)


This is my painting with the first wash applied. I am hoping to have it completed soon. It needs quite a bit of work but since there is not enough time during the class I will have to wait until I am back in my studio to continue.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 h


I started a second painting because I didn’t have much of the face of the flower showing in my first painting. This is the sketch with the mask.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 f____________________________________________

This is the completed first wash of color. I kept the wash lighter than the other painting and made sure to have at least one flower with a nice big face so I can paint in the details of the seeds.


Lian Quan Zhen 8-6-2014 g


By immediately starting a second painting I can adjust the sketch & application of paint to achieve better results because I have learned so much from the first painting. Many times artists ask me why I love doing series of the same subject. My answer is always this….Each time I work through a subject by doing a series I learn how to push myself, how to try something new and daring and take risks I might not take if I only have one chance of doing the painting. 


Pick a subject that sparks your interest and do a series of 3/5 painting changing each one. Take risks with your colors or shapes. Have fun and enjoy seeing what you paint.

Today I watched a great artist pour, splatter, drip & blow paint getting the most fascinating results. That’s the way I like to play with paint!


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Lian Quan Zhen Watercolor Workshop 8-6-2014 Day 2”

  1. Oh, this is so much fun to watch…I can just imagine following along and actually doing a painting like Lian’s. I’m off to read about your next day.

  2. […] My only instructional book that addresses the sunflower with step-by-step instructions is a Collins Learn to Paint Chinese by Jane Evans. She describes the flower as ‘controlled untidiness’. I did find several compositions in our art group’s library and my albums by Chou Shao-An. The very loose, freestyle composition Lotus shared with us came from a book by former doctor-turned-artist Lian Quan Zen. It seems to be a favorite subject of his for workshops. If you Google his name plus ‘sunflower images’, numerous examples come up. I discovered another blogger posted about her experience in such a workshop. […]

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