Lian Quan Zhen Watercolor Workshop 8-7-2014 Day 3

When I arrived at today’s workshop, Lian passed out the image for today’s lesson and I was excited to see we were going to paint Polar Bears & a winter snow scene. Little did I know what a challenge the lesson would become for me.

Lian had us sketch the subject on to our paper and then he started his demo by applying a colorful  first wash over the dried mask he had applied earlier.


Lian Quan Zhen  8-7-2014 f



Lian Quan Zhen  8-7-2014 b(Lian’s Painting)


 I took photos of the images on the video monitor. It was large & clear for all of us to see.

You can see his painting in progress and the photo reference he is painting from. It was great to see how he builds up the layers of washes to bring the subject to life. The painting still has the mask on to save the white of the paper.


Lian Quan Zhen  8-7-2014 c


Lian Quan Zhen  8-7-2014 d


In this photo (on the right leg) you can see the individual strokes he made to reproduce the fur on the bear.

___________________________________________________________Lian Quan Zhen  8-7-2014 e_______________________________________________________________

Lian Quan Zhen 8-7-2014 g____________________________________________________________

I struggled with this painting. I am sharing this photo to show you that a tremendous amount of work needs to be done if I ever want to finish this piece. Today was frustrating and at times I wanted to leave the class. I don’t like feeling as if everything I’m painting is NOT working out. But without a day like today I would not know the happiness of success. Not every piece of paper turns into a painting, no matter how hard I may try. With growth come setbacks. Today was the day I felt defeated and crushed as an artist. But I will start fresh tomorrow and learn from what I did & didn’t accomplish today.

I won’t give up when I am not successful. I will accept what went wrong and try, try again with a newborn determination to improve & sharpen my skills as an artist.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 7, 2014.

3 Responses to “Lian Quan Zhen Watercolor Workshop 8-7-2014 Day 3”

  1. Hi Lorraine,

    I am only new to your blog and I thoroughly enjoy the experiences you share as an artist. Having had a frustrating week with respect to my watercolour this week, I understand how you feel. But your determination has encouraged me.

    I think your polar bears look amazing. I love the background colours. The painting looks full of potential to me. I hope you finish it.


  2. Thanks Cynthia, I love the enjoyment that painting with watercolor brings me. There is no other medium I would like to play with. Not everyday brings us feelings of success but the highs outweigh the lows so I will continue on this magical journey of being a watercolorist. Happy Painting!

  3. Looks like his class is great! I saw him do a demo the last time he was out here and he was so impressive. Great to see his stages, but yours as well! This has so much potential. I can’t wait to see your finished pieces. Happy Labor Day!

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