ROOSTERS My Newest Obsession

Watching artists I admire paint is so inspiring and opens up my mind to attempt to paint objects & animals I never had an interest in before. Seeing Jean Haines paint stimulates my creative process and because of her I have started a series of paintings of Roosters.


I started by loosely painting a wash using Daniel Smith’s Transparent Pyrrol Orange and Qiunacridone Gold. While it was still wet I added coarse sea salt. I allowed the pigments to dry naturally so the salt would have time to work it’s magic. This is the effect I got.

Rooster 1&2


I used this dry wash as a background to paint my rooster on. Adding the eyes & beak bring this face to life. I felt I didn’t need to detail any other areas of the face & body.

Rooster 1&2a


Although I like this rooster he seems very Hawk like to me. My husband’s comment to me was that he looks like he’s lived an interesting life and has character.

I am not finished painting these fun faces. Try a few yourself and see what results you get. Have fun with the 1st wash. Let it take you in the direction it ends up flowing, don’t force it to be anything more than a simple textured wash.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 15, 2014.

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