Watercolor Now & Then

 Looking back at the beginning of my journey as an artist I can see how I have traveled the sometimes difficult road that brought me to where I am today. The first few workshops I attended were problematic & arduous as I struggled to learn how to navigate through the use of watercolor and understand how to compose a painting.

Yesterday as I played with my watercolors and practiced painting a flower on a small piece of WC paper I was thinking of the flower painting I did in the year 2001, the year I took my first workshop. As I advanced in my skills I saved several original paintings knowing that one day I would enjoy seeing them. I dug through my file drawers and found this painting.


Flowers Old & New 2______________________________________

Boy, I can remember being so proud of this! I put a mat on it and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a PAINTING done by me. I hardly noticed the better paintings done by more experienced artists in the class. All I knew was that I painted this and I was so pleased with my results.


Flowers Old & New 1______________________________________________

Here is the small painting I did yesterday  in my studio. Many times if I am not working on what I call a real painting I like to play around with different images, colors & shapes trying to learn about the subject matter or how the colors blend or how different papers react to pigment & water.

I can see how much I have grown in the past 14 years and although I still want to learn so much more about painting, I am happy to be on this adventure as an artist.

Never give up your dreams whatever they are. After one of my early workshops when I brought my paintings home and excitedly showed my husband his comment to me was “Hang them on the refrigerator and people will think we have children” Those words helped me become the artist I am today.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on January 4, 2015.

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