Colorful Washes make a Simple Flower

Almost every time I start a watercolor painting it begins with a colorful wash. A watercolor wash is a transparent layer of color or colors. It can be soft & subdued or loud & vibrant. When completely dry you can add another wash over the first to change the color or add a color veil to the original color. As you add additional layers of color each previous color is visible. This creates a beautiful glow of colors.

I started this flower painting with a colorful wash using pink, orange & yellow.  While slightly wet I added a little salt to add texture.




When completely dry I penciled in a sketch of a single flower. I used the small white spot on the paper as the edge of my flower to add contrast and make that my focal point.


ALONE 2_____________________________________________________

I added a second wash by negative painting around the flower with a slightly darker color using blue, pink & green. This allowed the flower shape to appear.


ALONE 3______________________________________________________

Next I separated the petals with a small amount of shadowing. A little bit of details to add texture on the head and the painting is complete. Looking at the finished results I’m glad I used the white spot on the paper as my focal point. That’s where my darkest dark meets my lightest light.


ALONE 4_____________________________________________________

If I asked a dozen artists to paint this single flower each artist would add their own style and come up with a painting completely different from each another. I choose my colors by how I feel or by what color is calling out to me at the moment. This flower makes me feel cheerful, it’s a great project to do on a cold dreary winter day.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on February 15, 2015.

One Response to “Colorful Washes make a Simple Flower”

  1. Boy, I love this idea. I’m gonna print this out and try it. Thank you!

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