Watercolor Washes = a Snowy Sunrise in 4 Steps

 I mostly paint in my studio but on a snowy day I enjoy painting in the comfort of my home. This sunrise was done in about 1 hour and because of a simple yet colorful wash it makes a strong statement.

I sketched out a horizon line & the shape of a stream of water. Using a wet in wet technique I applied 3 colors, pink, yellow & orange and allowed them to mix on the paper.


Winter Sunset__________________________________________________________

While the paper was still slightly damp I added the distant tree line so it appears diffused. Don’t make it too dark or too solid. Allow the light to come through.


Winter Sunset2__________________________________________________________

 Several trees were added along the river bank. It’s a snow scene therefore the trees need to be baron of leaves.


Winter Sunset3__________________________________________________________

 The final step is to add the shadows. I feel that shadows ground the trees and describe the shape of the land.



Winter Sunset4__________________________________________________________

 Four easy steps and the results are beautiful. This simple painting would be great to do in the colors of all 4 seasons. Keep it simple, keep it colorful and keep it fun.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 3, 2015.

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