Negative Painting is Child’s Play

I have a passion for negative painting and I spent the day sharing my excitement of painting with my 4-year-old niece, Brianna. She works feverishly on any project I give her and listens to each step as I led her through the process. I drew the outline of a flower and she did the rest.

Using 2 colors she added a wash by working wet in wet. She has no problem dripping or splattering the paint on the watercolor paper.


Bri Painting 4-2015A_________________________________________________________________

She allows the pigment to run as she turns the paper around and up & down.


Bri Painting 4-2015B________________________________________________________________________

She carefully paints outside the lines. That’s how simple negative painting can be.


Bri Painting 4-2015C________________________________________________________________

I challenged her by showing her that as she changes colors between the petals she must carry a little of the previous color into the next color. She understood this concept and was very proud of herself as she applied this technique to the entire painting.


Bri Painting 4-2015D________________________________________________________________

Bri Painting 4-2015E______________________________________________________________________

She was a happy little girl as she painted. I am very careful not to say ‘No’ or ‘YOU CAN’T DO THAT.’ I want her to have complete freedom to express herself and have no boundaries placed upon her as she creates her art.


Bri Painting 4-2015F_________________________________________________________________

This is her finished painting. I love the many choices she made like her use of colors. She even understood the concept of layering the leaf shape so it is placed behind the petals. Her signature show that she truly is a 4-year-old child. Her painting is framed and hanging in my home, not just because she painted it, but because I adore her sweet little watercolor painting.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 26, 2015.

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