Water View in Watercolor with Negative Painting

Learning the many ways to use negative painting will help you as you create your paintings. In this water view painting I know that the posts will be painted darker than the sky & water, therefore I do not have to carefully work around them as I paint in the sea & sky. I do not mask out the post shapes. As I add the ground and plants I negative paint around the posts. It is simple to do and allows me to save the light area where I will add the colors of the posts later when the rest of the painting is completely dry.


Mastic Beach 8-23-15

 I was not looking for realistic colors for this painting. I wanted it to be full of bright colors that would stand out but not necessarily be accurate. Each post is painted using  purple & gold paints. This is a design decision I made, you may use any colors you like. The beach grasses and foreground are painted in last and my color choices were pink, purple & blue.


Mastic Beach 8-23-15a

This colorful water view was painted plein air, not in my studio. The beauty of sitting outside on a sunny day with a warm salty breeze blowing beats the confines of the studio any day. Sometimes I need to get away from my work in the studio and plant myself out in nature and let the paints work their magic. A little change of scenery does the creative soul good.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 26, 2015.

6 Responses to “Water View in Watercolor with Negative Painting”

  1. Love your expanse of colors and images

  2. Thanks David, it’s always great to hear from other artists.

  3. I really love this one. Particularly drawn to the clouds but I’m loving all of it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good explanation of your thought processes. Thanks! I find painting from life often creates a picture with vibrancy that I don’t get in the studio. I think reference photos hold too much information for me. When I work “plein air” (so there, spell checker!) I’m learning to look for the important elements, especially shadows, and then trying to leave the details until the last minute.
    I like your choice of pink, purple, and blue for the beach grasses.

  5. Thanks Laura. Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy this 🙂

  6. Thanks Ruth. It’s always good to have other artists share why & how they choose to paint a painting. You said it perfectly pertaining to the reference photo, but sometimes I’m overloaded with information as I sit outside overlooking a gorgeous spot I’d like to paint. In both instances we as artists must decide exactly what it is we want our painting to have the viewer focus on. The good thing is we can take one scene and paint it a variety of ways and each time change the focal point. By the way I really enjoy your art!

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