Watercolor Facial Shapes

As an artist I am forever learning or maybe I should say yearning to push myself and not get caught in a comfort zone of doing the same thing over & over again. I am continuing to explore new images and finding new ways to examine how I could paint them using my watercolors.

This is a picture of my husband Bruce that I took several years ago. In photoshop I changed it into a B&W and using a filter I could break the image down further into simple shapes. Next I sketched the image onto my watercolor paper.

Bruce Facial Shapes1

I decided to only use 1 color, a Daniel Smith watercolor called Moonglow which gives me a beautiful granulation of pigment.

Following the image I examined the darks & lights and start by painting the shapes not the portrait of Bruce. I delve into this project with pure pleasure because I have no fear of failure. How can I fail by painting light & dark shapes?

Bruce Facial Shapes2


Amazingly the image turns into a likeness of Bruce. Buy allowing myself to relax and not worry about achieving a perfect portrait I watch as the dark shapes turned into a resemblance of the photo.

This was serious fun and I am going through my reference photos looking for another picture to practice this again.

This was such a safe way to introduce my brain to portraits.  Soon I might even try this using more than 1 color.

Go ahead and give it a try!

Paint with Me




~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 9, 2015.

4 Responses to “Watercolor Facial Shapes”

  1. This is a great way to do a fabulous portrait!

  2. Thanks Sue, I’m glad you like this 🙂

  3. Wonderful. I’d like to try this, but first I have to figure out how to use photoshop

  4. Hi Laura, try changing any photo into a B&W and that may help you do this exercise. I took a Photoshop class in my local community college and that gave me enough information to play with my images. Good luck, Lorriane

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