More Frogs in Watercolor

Although my life has been busy I still find time to paint, even if its small studies of things I like.  Doing these 5×7 paintings allows me to wet my brushes, enjoy the color of the pigments and explore the unknown by challenging myself to capture the likeness of a frog.

This little guy was a black & white drawing that was given out in a workshop many years ago and stored in one of my folders. I would never throw out a reference paper. He was fun to paint and by using cool blue tones he has a whimsical feel. But he is still painted too realistic for my liking.

FROGS 3-16

This next guy was painted in a more loose style. I left him half undone and added salt to form the spots on his body. While the foot was still wet I blew out the paint which created an abstract form for the foot. I liked that effect so I will continue by painting another frog and see how far I can push the shapes yet still allow you to see a frog.

FROGS1_ 3-16

You do not need a lot of time or supplies to fit a little painting into your day. By keeping a small bag filled with only the absolute essentials I can take a few minutes and see what develops on my paper. Have fun!

Paint with Me 


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 22, 2016.

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