Dogs In Watercolor – It’s all about the eyes Part 2



Dogs A 2-2016

My set up, as I prepare to paint is simple. I enlarge the animals eyes so I can see the shape, highlights, colors & values. Each of these are essential to help me paint eyes that will bring life & give expression to the animals face. I could not work from a tiny poor quality photo. I’m mostly interested in painting animals I have been able to photograph myself. That gives me a feeling as to how that particular animal moves and behaves in its own environment or home.

Sometimes I wil trace the eyes which allows me to see thir shape clearly. I can study the contour, outline & shadow as I trace the image. To help me further, I can transfer the tracing onto paper and do several studies. Without having to draw each eye in detail I have complete freedom to experiment with my watercolor paints and discover how I want my finished eyes to look. By now I have painted dozen of eyes and I rarely draw an eye in pencil anymore, I start each eye working only with my paints.

These are a few of my recent dog practice paintings





Dogs B 2-2016


Dogs 8


When I started painting I was so intimated by the amazing animal paintings I would see. I believed I would never attempt to do any animal painting myself. But once the desire to do this took hold of me I decided to develop my our understanding & method of how I could achieve this. I broke it down into small studies using enlarged images and practiced constantly.

Now it’s your turn. What has you intrigued and what are to reluctant to paint but possess a desire to try? Study it & find a small yet important piece of the image and practice that one element until you reach a level of satisfaction. Don’t overwhelm yourself and expect to do an entire painting. Find joy is accomplishing that one small piece, like I did with the eyes.

The truth is that for me the rest of the face wasn’t quite so scary once the soulful eyes, of the dog, were looking back at me from the paper


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on June 7, 2016.

5 Responses to “Dogs In Watercolor – It’s all about the eyes Part 2”

  1. So glad I found your blog! I’m thinking about painting animals. I love portraits of dogs, cats, and horses. I’ve done a few animal drawings, but now that I’m learning watercolor I’d like to use that medium, too. Your paintings are so beautiful. You really have captured that spark of life. Your advice to begin with a small piece of the image is excellent. That’s the approach I’ll take when I begin. Thank you so much! I’m still a beginner — I started learning to draw a year ago — and I’m slowly finding my way. It helps so much to find artists who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

  2. Hi Thank you for your comments. I started painting with absolutely NO drawing skills. I just wanted to paint with watercolor! I struggled with the drawing of the object and then realized I didn’t have to commit to an entire drawing. I broke the image down into small items that I felt were most essential. Those small bits became important and I practiced constantly to make them come alive. I’m happy for you to start your journey and wish you much success. Keep in touch 🙂

  3. I will be following your blog. I’m glad I’ve learned basic drawing skills. It is helpful. Now I’m trying to figure out watercolors. Step by step. That’s the way to do it. If you have a chance, I hope you’ll drop by my blog and check out the progress I’ve made in recent months.

  4. I briefly visited you blog and enjoyed it. I will visit it again and spend some time going through all the good stuff you are sharing, Thanks

  5. Thanks so much for visiting! Suggestions for improving my art are always appreciated so feel free to comment on anything you see. 🙂

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