All About Watercolor Washes #1 The Flat Wash

Wash Examples FLAT RED Wash Examples FLAT BLUE2 Wash Examples FLAT BLUE

Having the desire to paint with watercolor I needed to learn how to use this extraordinary medium.


I was lucky to have found an artist that wrote a book for beginners.

Ann K Lindsay


She helped me learn the importance of knowing how to use watercolor paints before I attempted to create a painting. By doing this she allowed me to practice using this exciting medium without any fear of failure. I learned how to do washes which helped me control the flow of water & paint. I learned how to be patience and let the paper dry. I watched the shine leave the paper learning when it was the right time to add more paint or lift off pigment.

Too often we want to paint the painting but don’t know how to use the product, this leads to frustration & failure.

I will never forget how important the basics are so I will share with you the beginnings of my journey into watercolor.

The Importance of Washes 1

Knowing how to do a flat wash is so important. You my feel that something so simple as a flat wash is trivial or unimportant but knowing this will lead you to much success as an artist. Use small scrap pieces of a good quality watercolor paper. Mix a large puddle of your favorite color or try a color that has been sitting unused at your work space. Tilt your paper so the wash runs downward. Starting at the top of the paper, using a brush large enough to hold plenty of paint, paint across the top of the paper. Reload your brush and paint another stroke of color across the paper below the previous one. Slightly touch the previous line of color. Continue to the bottom of the paper until the entire paper has a flat solid wash.

Practice this wash until you can get an even layer of paint on the entire paper

Now you are on your way to being successful with watercolor.

Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 15, 2016.

2 Responses to “All About Watercolor Washes #1 The Flat Wash”

  1. Awesome, thanks, I love tips like this!

  2. Thanks Debbie! Happy Painting to you 🙂

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