Acknowledging the Negative Watercolor Workshop 2016


On Oct 29th & 30th I taught my newest Watercolor Workshop titled ‘Acknowledging the Negative’ at the Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills New York. An amazing group of artists were in attendance and everyone was eager to explore this fun yet challenging concept.

I had several exercises for them to do progressing from simple to more advanced as I walked them through the process of painting only the negative space allowing the image to appear as the white of the paper. That is how these images were painted.





Another exercise was to layer images which creates depth in the painting. We used leaves that I gathered from outside and brought to the class. It was easy to trace around the actual leaf, and when layering them we could place one on top of another to see how to work out the design of the painting.



The exercise of ‘finding shapes or images’ from a colorful wash is one of my favorites. For this class I had the students finding flower shapes. Everyone did a great job with this challenge of having to “see” by stretching their imagination as they looked for floral images within their washes.



I am sharing my floral painting although it is not nearly finished. In the first image I have 2 layers of flowers, the yellow flower sits on top of the blue flower.


In this image you can see the 3rd flower or 3rd layer sitting under the 2 other flowers. This is how I build my layered paintings by painting in the negative.


Thank you to everyone who attended my workshop and thank you to the Art League of Long Island for adding me to their roster of educators.

I am completing my Winter/Spring schedule of workshops and I am offering several Negative Painting classes including a full workshop on Negative Painting Flowers. I am excited to have a terrific place to share my love of watercolor painting.

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~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 1, 2016.

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