This lively little rooster watercolor painting was entered into the 61st Annual Art League of Long Island  Member’s Exhibition 2016. All art submitted must be no larger than 25×25 so I rummaged through my recent paintings looking for the ideal one to enter into this show. I thought this cute portrait of a rooster would do nicely.

While searching through my artwork I came across a multitude of finished, partially finished & undone practices of roosters. I decided to complete several of them and share them with you.



  I did a simple wash of very light reds, pinks & oranges and once the wash was dry I started to detail the eye & face area still keeping the value very light.



I increased the value as I continue to define the face, beak, comb & wattle. I don’t need to completely illustrate these just a suggestion will do.


The last marks I make are to slightly outline the body. The completed painting has a soft appearance unlike the 1st rooster (top of the page) which is much more distinct and specific. Both are rooster paintings but each will appeal to a different viewer. I paint what I like and enjoy, I find these roosters to be challenging yet amusing & enjoyable to paint.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 14, 2016.

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