A Watercolor Wash – Playful & Pretty

Watercolor is the most playful medium. It flows and dances beautifully with water. It can be light and transparent or dark and mysterious. You as the artist can choose how you want to describe or convey an image by your numerous choices of techniques in the use of watercolor.

Today I painted a wash while thinking of the softness of flowers.  I used plenty of water allowing the pigment to mingle freely on the paper. I have no fear of blooms appearing in my washes, in fact I welcome them. I like the edges that they make and find them useful.


Working on dry paper, my goal is to allow the original wash to direct me as to how the flowers will appear. By the addition of some hard edges I can create the illusion of roses. The dark stems give the appearance of light coming through from the background.  


My goal was to have a painting of flowers that was mostly soft and glowing. I didn’t do much planning but I knew that I needed a mix of soft & hard edges to add interest to my painting.

I have not painted roses before because I have seen so many outstanding paintings of them I was intimidated.  But today I conquered my fear and I will start a series of these glorious flowers. This will be a great project to paint during the cold short winter days ahead.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on November 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “A Watercolor Wash – Playful & Pretty”

  1. I am loving each article you have so freely shared! I will give my heart a try with these examples. Thank you!

  2. Thanks I do hope you try some of my examples and share with me your results.

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