Watercolor Painting – a Dog & a 6 Year Old Child

Everyone loves a sweet & gentle dog. Brianna has a special dog named Twitch who is a pit bull. Twitch has grown up, from birth in a loving family where he plays & protects 3 small children. She adores him so much that she painted a watercolor painting of him for her Dad. I helped her by penciling in his cute face. She then proceeded to paint the portrait of Twitch all by herself. I’m proud of the way she handles her watercolors, not bad for a 6-year-old.

Twitch by Bri 11-2016

While home today waiting for an enormous snow storm that never materialized I decided to do my own painting of Twitch As always when I start an animal painting I always start with the eyes.If I can get the eyes to have a soulful feeling than I’m ready to continue with the portrait.

Twitch a 3-2017

The colors of this particular dog are so soft, like a fawn. I needed to keep the values light and only darken the value where it was needed like in the eyes.It’s fun to watch the face come alive as I continue to make progress in my painting.

Twitch 3-2017

Painting with Brianna helps to remind me to paint with the same wonderment and freedom that she paints with. She hasn’t ever been told that the colors or shapes she chooses are wrong or that what she’s doing is not good. I watch her as she picks up the brush and without hesitation she starts painting.

We as artists must let go of the feeling that everything we paint must be a “painting”. We need to let go of the idea that others will judge our art. We must paint like Brianna, she¬† paints because she can and because she likes what she is doing.

I am learning how to paint from a 6-year-old and it’s a fascinating experience.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on March 14, 2017.

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