Painting Edges – Flowering Pots

I have been preparing for my latest watercolor workshop and I thought these flowering pots would be an easy exercise in how to paint hard & soft edges. I  firmly believe that we learn not only by seeing an artist paint but by doing it ourselves therefore I always challenge my students with simple exercises encompassing a single technique. This lesson is all about painting edges. I constantly stress the importance of changing up the edges in our paintings to create more interest for the viewer.

The most simple explanation of edges is:

Hard edges are created by working on dry paper

Soft edges are created by working on wet paper

Paint a few connecting shapes, each one a different color allowing the edges to touch and the paint to bleed into one another. The outer edges will be hard edges painted on dry paper.

Edges-Flowering Pots

While the paint is still damp add the flower shapes to the pots. Have fun choosing the colors and allow them to blend & flow into each other and into the pots. Within each shape you will have very soft edges.  You do not have to define each flower, the painting will read as groups of flowers.

Edges-Flowering Pots2

Look at how cheery & enchanting this uncomplicated exercise is. Here are several more for you to try.



Edges-Flowering Pots3


Edges-Flowering Pots4


Edges-Flowering Pots5


My goal for my students is to help them better understand the use & techniques of painting with watercolor. I design my workshops to include exercises to make them feel successful. I think this will be a good lesson that when it is complete they can walk away with a better understanding of painting edges.


Paint with Me



~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on May 30, 2017.

3 Responses to “Painting Edges – Flowering Pots”

  1. Thank you for this sweet post, Lorraine. Looking forward to trying this exercise. Hope I can achieve as lovely a result as your examples!

  2. Thank you for this post! I’m looking forward to trying out the exercise. Hope my results are a lovely as your examples. 🙂

  3. Thank you Katie. Let me know how your exercises turn out, Lorraine

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