Painting Trees With Watercolor

Soon the North East will explode with colors as the trees turn brilliant shades of yellows, oranges & reds during the upcoming weeks of Fall. I will head to Vermont where the mountains and valleys put on a spectacular show as the leaves go through their yearly ritual prior to falling to the ground. Hundreds of leaf peepers will take to the roads to see this outstanding display of color.

I am teaching a watercolor workshop in October titled ‘Capturing the Colors of Fall” I’m busy preparing exercises for the artists which will have them mixing and mingling colors reflecting the colors of Fall.

Using several colors I make puddles on the paper in random shapes, keeping the value light. This is a simple wash of colors to help the artists warm up. I always take a few moments prior to painting to warm up by doing a few color washes. 

When the paint is almost dry I add the trunk and smaller branches to complete the tree.

Here is another simple tree, to take it a step further I added grasses.

Trees workshop1

These next trees was done side by side by me and my 7-year-old great-niece Brianna.

Trees workshop2

Brianna helps me work out the kinks of these exercises by painting along with me. Having a 7-year-old at my studio allows me to test my ideas for simple yet successful exercises for the artists who will attend the class.

She loves watercolor painting and is elated when she sees her results are so successful.

Trees workshop3

Watercolor doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve beautiful results. With some practice you too can have fun and paint simple trees that reflect the fall colors that surround you.


Paint with Me


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on September 27, 2017.

2 Responses to “Painting Trees With Watercolor”

  1. Please give details on your workshops

  2. All my up-coming workshops can be found on my web-site
    Thanks for asking, Lorraine

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