My Watercolor Thank You

I have a wonderful life. I’ve been a successful hair salon owner for 31 years and built enough equity in my business that at the age of 51 sold it all and semi-retired. I now work for the new owners 2 days a week. That leaves me plenty of time to pursue my passion for watercolor painting.

Most artist see themselves as artists that would like to sell their art. I look at my watercolor painting as a business. I guess it’s probably because of my history of working for myself. Therefore I am constantly promoted me & my art. It is hard work building an art business but really….what else do I have to do? I truly love painting and why not make it into a self supporting career. Remember it’s not work if you love what you do.

I know that I have many people who have been there for me in my art journey. The friends & family who encourage me and help me by being a terrific team of cheerleaders. The clients who buy my art, they are supporting me and helping me continue on the course I set out on. Money does help, you can’t be successful if you are constantly a ‘starving artist’. I am thrilled when someone says how much they would love one of my paintings in their home or to give as a gift. And there are many others, like my framer who helps me by making my paintings look amazing in their frames.

I decided to raffle off an original watercolor painting at the beginning of each year as my way of saying ‘Thank You” to all the special people in my life. I didn’t come up with this idea on my own I borrowed it from a friend, David Daniels. After receiving his annual card & raffle ticket I thought I would like to do the same thing and it has been a great success.

This year I am mailing out 250 cards, with tickets attached, to win my 15″x11 painting titled   ‘Colorful Bouquet’ (image below)

Colorful Bouquet

I have someone draw the winning ticket from a bowl and post the winning numbers on my website. And then I wait to be contacted by the winner. Each year it’s a surprise to see who won.

The raffle for 2018 is already in the mail. The number is picked. The waiting has begun.

Thank you & good luck to all!


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on January 7, 2018.

4 Responses to “My Watercolor Thank You”

  1. Love the idea

  2. Thanks, I only steal ideas from the best! If you have an opportunity to use this idea please do. It is a great way to not only say thank you but it helps drive people to your website.

  3. lovely paintings

  4. Thank you Maggie 🙂

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