Watercolor Painting with Fabio Cembranelli – Packing for a workshop


It feels so  good to pack my favorite watercolor supplies as I’m preparing to attend a week-long workshop with the master of watercolor Fabio Cembranelli. I booked this class 14 months ago and finally the week to go has arrived.

I started following Fabio’s art on social media sometime during 2016. He is from Brazil and I wished I would be able to attend one of his workshops one day. He amazed me with his beautiful style of painting and I searched to see if he taught anywhere near me in NY. He was teaching a workshop driving distance from me in the summer of 2017. Although the class was sold out I luckily got a spot when someone canceled, YEAH ME! It was a 3 day class and I had a terrific time. Prior to that class I learned that he was coming to Greenville NY to a favorite workshop /artist retreat center called Hudson River Valley Art Workshops – www.artworkshops.com in July of 2018. I booked that program 14 months ago knowing it would sell out fast, and it did.


Today I spent time in my studio deciding exactly which of my prized brushes I would take with me. I then picked my favorite colors of paint and lastly I carefully packed the perfect, purest watercolor paper I had. I do love the stuff I paint with! Next I printed out dozens of reference photos. I have enough pictures to paint at least 30 paintings but I’ll hope to come back with a couple of paintings that I’m excited over.

There was a time that I attended several watercolor classes a year. I use to seem to be searching for the perfect teacher to help make me a great painter. Then one day I decided I wanted to be an artist not a student so I stopped the cycle of classes and focused on painting. Now I am very selective when it comes to taking a workshop.

I am so happy that I have the opportunity to spend a full week painting with my artist friends and to have the guidance of an extraordinary artist like Fabio.


Lorraine Rimmelin


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 13, 2018.

6 Responses to “Watercolor Painting with Fabio Cembranelli – Packing for a workshop”

  1. Yay Lorraine, have a fabulous time!

  2. Enjoy

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  3. Thanks I had a great time 🙂

  4. Hi Patty, I had a terrific time!

  5. How was the workshop? I know of his work, and you must be thrilled to work with him. Let me know when there will be more classes. Italy was incredible. I have some excellent photos, and look forward to seeing you. Linda

  6. Welcome home and I’m glad to hear you had a terrific time. Fabio was an amazing teacher and I’m looking forward to sharing the info I learned. I will send you my new schedule 🙂

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