Improving My Watercolor Paintings

Attending a workshop, with a highly regarded artist/teacher excites me on 2 levels. First as an artist I am stimulated by seeing an artist I admire painting. Watching the movement of the hands as he creates each brush stroke is delightful to see. It’s like watching a great conductor leading a orchester. Beautiful art being created right before your eyes. Second, as a teacher of watercolor I learned so many tips and simple ways to help my students understand the information pertaining to advancing as a watercolor artist.

It’s a great feeling to have someone to help guide, critique and offer me direction while I am painting. Fabio was extremely helpful and I will share some of the paintings I did during the class and show you how he helped improve my art.

In this first example Fabio suggested I darken the shadows of the trees and add a little bit darker river bank on the opposite side of the water. I can see the improvement in the finished painting.


Fabio Trees 1a

Bank of Trees – before

Fabio Trees 1b

Bank of Trees – after


In this second example Fabio suggested I add a little more background to support the flowers. I do feel it gives the flowers a better foundation to rest on.


Fabio Flowers 1

A pair of Roses

Fabio Flowers 1b

A Pair of Roses – finished


In this third example Fabio had very good suggestions. He said I needed to separate the birds, they were blending into one another and that they needed a darker background which would help show them off better.

Fabio Chickens 1

Angry Birds

Fabio Chickens 1b

Angry Birds – finished


Sometimes during a class a suggestion will be made and if I do not agree with the teacher and I like my painting just the way it is I won’t change a thing. In this class I felt that each critique I was given would help my art so I was happy to make the adjustments and I have to say I’m very pleased with the finished paintings.

I now know a few new things about watercolor painting that I didn’t know before this week-long workshop and I’m going to make a few slight changes in my teaching style in my future classes.

Spending 5 days with Fabio Cembranelli was a gift to myself and I look forward to his next NY workshop in 2019.


Lorraine Rimmelin


~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on July 28, 2018.

2 Responses to “Improving My Watercolor Paintings”

  1. Great paintings. Definitely the improvements in his suggestions. Sounds like a wonderful class.

  2. YES! it was. Thanks 🙂

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