Watercolor Painting – Using Masking Tape Pt 2

I’m back in the studio completing my painting using masking tape to save the white tree shapes.

I have finished arranging the masking tape into tree shapes on my paper, now I will start painting the background. I am using blue & green paint and I am mixing the colors on my paper. I love the way my pigments flow and mingle as I paint. I am painting the wash over the entire paper including the taped areas.


The background wash is complete.

masking tape pt2c

I carefully use a tissue to clean off the excess paint that puddled on the tape. I do not want it to run back into the painting.

masking tape pt2d

When the paper was completely dry I removed the tape. You may use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.

Now it’s time to paint the trees, have fun and be creative. Remember not to paint the trees too dark. If you wanted dark trees there would be no reason to safe the white of your paper.

This is the completed painting. Notice how clean and colorful the background wash is. The edges of the trees look natural because of the torn tape effect.

masking tape pt2j

I used the masking with tape technique to save tree shapes but there are plenty of usages I could think of where I would use this to save my whites. A rooftop covered in snow. The sunny side of a flower pot. A fence in a garden. Flower petals.

Let me know how you used this technique in your painting.

If you missed Masking with tape pt 1 click here


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~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on January 29, 2019.

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