Pouring Watercolor /Part 2

(Part 1 https://lorrainerimmelin.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/pouring-watercolor/(opens in a new tab)

After allowing the paper to completely dry it’s time to apply a 2nd layer of making fluid. I carefully apply the mask, which will save the new flower & leaf shapes in a lighter value.

2nd layer of mask

The areas in white mask are going to be the original white of the paper. The areas where the 2nd layer of mask was applied are saving the light value color from the 1st pouring

The entire paper must be wet to start the 2nd pouring. Use clean water and a large soft brush. Use a very light touch as you apply the water. You do not want to lift the paint that has already dried on the paper. USE VERY LIGHT PRESSURE

Have fun pouring your 2nd layer of paint. I slightly darken the value of the paint by adding more pigment to each color cup.

I pour off the excess liquid paint once I have achieved the desired saturation of colors. I always let the paint sit a minute or two before I tilt the board and let the paint drip off into a tray.

This is the dried painting. I have completed 2 layers of masking fluid and 2 layers of paint.

Once this is dry I can start my 3rd layer working exactly as I did for the previous layer. I will mask out additional leaves, stems & flowers. Mix more pigment into the color cups, since this is my final pouring I want to make sure I achieve some nice rich darker colors in the background

When I want better control of the paint I will use a large brush for the application. I do this mostly at the end of the pouring process especially when I don’t want the colors to spread into areas where I want to keep the color or value lighter than the color I am now adding.

This is the dried painting.

All the blotchs and spots are the paint drying on the many layers of mask. I will let this completely dry before I start to remove the masking.

The pouring process is fun and easy . You can create beautiful layers of colors and work freely knowing you saved all many interesting shapes. Once the mask is removed I take my time deciding how I want to paint the flowers.

Coming Next Part 3 Removing the masking and completing the painting

Paint with Me

~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on August 2, 2019.

5 Responses to “Pouring Watercolor /Part 2”

  1. Would like another class before April. Do you have the time? Claudia frost

  2. HI Claudia I would be happy to send you information on private lessons. I am on the vacation and will be back Sat the 10th. I will be in touch when I’m home. Enjoy the beautiful summer days. Lorraine

  3. Really beautiful! Any classes? Get in touch when u are free. Miss painting with You, Chris and Marcia. Such great inspirations.

  4. I’m super busy this summer but would love to get together with all of you. I’m hoping to see you soon 🙂

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