Pouring Watercolor / Part 3

Removing the masking fluid and completing the painting

Let’s remove the Masking Fluid

You can use a Frisket or mask removing tool that you can purchase at most art/craft stores. It resembles an eraser.
I start at the top of the painting working slowly to remove all the frisket.
It’s fun to unveil the layers of paint hidden under the frisket.

Finally all the masking is removed and the painting is ready for me to paint in the leaves, flowers & stems.

I start by painting the center of the flowers. This adds balance to my painting as I work my way through the painting process

I love seeing the image come to life.
Shaping the flowers is like creating magic.
My finished painting

If you are trying to create a beautiful background wash full of color and want to save your whites you might try pouring your watercolor paints. This technique allows you to be free of all constrictions as you let the paint run freely on your paper.

Have fun trying this painting process and share you results with me. I would love to post your achievements.

For complete step by step instruction please visit my previous Blog posts.

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Paint with Me

~ by Lorraine Rimmelin on September 2, 2019.

2 Responses to “Pouring Watercolor / Part 3”

  1. Hi, dear Lorraine!

    I am absolutely loving the feeling/mood of the colors and images in your watercolors.

    Way to create beauty!

    Sending a smile your way now.

    PAINT ON, sister.

    Love, ===Sho===

  2. Hearing from you has brought a simile to my heart. Keep filling the world with joy. Much Love, Lorraine

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